Adam 12’s Martin Milner LAPD End-of-Watch Broadcast

The LAPD End-of-Watch Broadcast for Adam 12 actor Martin Milner (Officer Pete Maloy). This broadcast was recorded by Shaaron Claridge (now Shaaron Snead), the original voice of the dispatcher on Adam 12.


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4 Responses to Adam 12’s Martin Milner LAPD End-of-Watch Broadcast

  1. Michael Wallace says:


  2. Barbara D. Irwin says:

    I,was deeply touched,by Adam 12,end of watch! Watched,the show from it’s beginning! Will,continue to watch it,when it is shown! Malloy,will be missed,by so many!!

  3. John Taylor says:

    No more beautiful and befitting end of watch broadcast than one done by a co-worker, and Police Dispatcher. Marty is patrolling the streets of Heaven with Jack (Webb) and Harry (Morgan) and all three are giving classes to the angels. Happy Birthday Marty… RIP

  4. Greg Gallo says:

    The Standard for law enforcement portrayal by Milner and McCord. No one else will ever come close.

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