SCMA Membership Roster

UPDATED 4/12/2018

    Members in Good Standing  
    Members who need to pay dues for the current year  

Sorted by Last Name

Last Name First Name SCMA Number
Radio Call Membership Status Expiration Date
Althouse Bradley LA-196 NX6O Regular Dec 2018
Bailey Scott ORC-208 KC6PIQ Regular Dec 2017
Barker Philip LA-148 N6OEC Life None
Birnbaum David LA-163 N6HGJ Life None
Brown Chester LA-203 K6CRB Regular Dec 2017
Bushman Ed LA-192 LAFD Chief Honorary  
Bushy Keith SBD-401 KF6UJ Life None
Corlin Arnie LA-179   Regular Dec 2018
Cron Ed LA-105 KD6LT Regular Dec 2017
Cruse Matthew LA-124 N6MDC Life None
Cullom Kent LA-111   Life None
Dantagnan Jeff KRN-451 KK6LP Regular Dec 2018
Darcy Gary KRN-452   Regular Dec 2018
Decker James LA-126   Regular Dec 2018
Diaz Adriana LA-199 KD6BSY Life None
DiFiore Rick LA-101 WA6KFI Life None
Edwardz Anne LA-108   Life None
Egan Kelly LA-151 KF6QQM Life None
Everett Bill VEN-702 KI6KSV Regular Dec 2018
Falzone Dominick LA-125   Regular Dec 2018
Faulkenberry Shane LA-205 KI6QFI Regular Dec 2017
Fournier Joey LA-110 WA6JWF Regular Dec 2018
Herbert Steve LA-187 K6CRW Regular Dec 2018
Higgins George  LA-209 KM6HVP Regular Dec 2018
Holguin Robert LA-198 KD6BST Life None
House Bill LA-159 KE6DR EOW 2014  
Hughes Gene LA-103   EOW 2008  
Humphrey Brian VEN-701 K6NFD Life None
Irving Clay LA-136 N2VKG Life None
Ladjevardi Khalil LA-118 K6FCC Life None
Latreille Tom SDC-501 N6RTI Regular Dec 2018
Leffert Doug LA-132 KC6WZU Regular Dec 2018
Leland Mike LA-208 KK6NSU Regular Dec 2016
Leon David LA-154 KF6MBC Regular Dec 2018
Lincoln Terri LA-155   Life None
Mandles Martin LA-133   Regular Dec 2018
Mandles Robert LA-206   Regular Dec 2018
Marnell Harry NCA-801 N6URU Life None
Martens Greg LA-152 N6RRY Regular Dec 2018
McCulley Robert LA-211   Regular Dec 2018
Metzger Paul LA-107 K6EH Life None
Milam Fred  ORC-202 WA6YRE Regular Dec 2018
Miller Jeff “Air Boss” LA-113   EOW 2007  
MossY   LA-161   Regular Dec 2018
Ordin Lance LA-115 N6ZDA Life None
Perea Michael LA-141 K6AEQ Life None
Perkins Gregg LA-210 KM6OPD Regular Dec 2018
Peterson Bob LA-120 KD6EPU Life None
Pon Brian ORC-204 N6ZRN Life None
Rothstein Glen LA-145 KK6OTP Regular Dec 2018
Rowe George SBD-402 KJ6HFD Life None
Sauer Jim ORC-206 W6ELL Regular Dec 2018
Sauer Rich LA-100 N6CIZ Life None
Smith Wayne LA-149 N6LHV Life None
Stamps Hubert SBC-603 KC6NAH EOW 2009  
Stegman Hugh LA-102 NV6H Life None
Stubbe Gene LA-137   Regular Dec 2018
Swaney Dennis LA-140 KI6AIX Regular Dec 2018
Vargas Ramon LA-173 KR0MAN Regular Dec 2018
Walker Edward LA-119 WA6MDJ Life None
Williams Reese LA-134 K6ICI Life None
Wunno Ray LA-122 KE6LE Life None
Yelich Mark LA-157   Life None
Yuan Bob LA-189 KJ6UVT Regular Dec 2017

And several other Members who pay dues and contribute to the Association but wish to remain Anonymous.  Thank you to all for your support!