Test Los Angeles City Fire Department

This is the frequency list for the Los Angeles City Fire Department (LAFD)

Los Angeles City Fire Department

LAFD Command 1Ch 1860.9375 RFMOperations - Central, East, West
LAFD Command 2Ch 2859.9375 RFMOperations - South, Harbor
LAFD Command 3Ch 3858,9375 RFMOperations - Valley
LAFD Dispatch 4Ch 4857.9375 RFMEMS Dispatch - LA Basin



Name Channel Frequency Mode Tone Use
LAFD Cmd 1 Ch 1 860.9375 R FM 85.4 Operations – Central / East / West
LAFD Cmd 2 Ch 2 859.9375 R FM 88.5 Operations – South / Harbor
LAFD Cmd 3 Ch 3 858.9375 R FM 91.5 Operations – Valley
LAFD Disp 4 Ch 4 857.9375 R FM 94.8 EMS Dispatch – LA Basin
This is a test – What do you think
LAFD Tac 12 Tac 12 860.4375 R A 186.2 Fireground Ops


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