Los Angeles teachers have said they will strike on Monday if a labor deal isn’t reached.

By Eric Leonard – NBC Los Angeles
Published Jan 11, 2019 at 5:37 PM | Updated at 8:53 PM PST on Jan 11, 2019

Law enforcement agencies in Los Angeles said Friday preparations had been made for campus safety should LAUSD teachers go on strike next week.

The Los Angeles School Police Department, which is responsible for school security and student safety, said it planned to have an officer stationed at each middle and high school campus.

“I’m very confident that come Monday, that the School Police Department will be able to rise to the challenge of ensuring student safety,” School Police Chief Steven K. Zipperman told NBC4.

He said every available officer would be ready to work in the field, even those who work investigative or administrative assignments. LAPD and LA County Sheriffs units were expected to assist in patrolling the District’s 450 elementary schools.

“They will be providing high visibility presence at elementary schools during student arrivals and dismissals,” Zipperman said.

Hundreds of LAPD detectives and officers who typically work plainclothes assignments have been told to be ready to work in uniform in case they’re needed for crowd control or strike-related duties, members of the Department’s command staff told NBC4.

LAPD captains were told to prepare to work alternating shifts to provide maximum coverage at neighborhood police stations.

The LAPD did not respond to requests for information on strike plans on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday.

The LA County Sheriff’s Department said it would assist school police officers where needed, but said most campus issues would be managed by the School Police Department.

“We have asked the patrol chiefs to prepare to have deputies available to monitor the schools in our areas along with LASPD,” the department said this week.

Source: NBC Los Angeles