Many of us scanner users like to listen to the news media, and especially to their helicopters, to find out what is happening when news breaks. You might be interested in this news from Tim Lynn’s Facebook post:

In June 1972 I graduated from high school and 18 days later entered the United States Coast Guard, that’s where my journey began. After 4 enlistments and a very long 14 months at the University of California Police Department LA, I joined the Culver City Police Department, transferred to Huntington Beach Police Department, where I retired with a total of 30 years in law enforcement to begin a new career in media.

After 16 years of working for Angel City Air assigned to CBS, Kcal and KTLA helicopters, it is time to “hang up my spurs”. This coming Wednesday will be my last day as your P.M. KTLA Sky 5 Pilot Reporter. It has been a fun ride from the day I walked out of high school until now. I’ve worked with and met some amazing people and have experienced things that most don’t. It has been exciting to fly News, not knowing what was going to happen or where you were going to end up on a shift. The excitement of the pursuit, major fires, or incidents is what kept me going. The five day a week, 10.5 hour days, and 110-mile commute broke me.

I used to joke, “I will retire when my walker doesn’t fit in the helicopter”. After the arrival of my grandchildren that all changed, it’s time for me to enjoy life and not to be tied to a schedule.

Don’t get me wrong, I still will be flying a helicopter now and then, because severe side effects do occur would you suddenly stop!

Thank you again for the opportunity to fly and say “that’s the latest from overhead, let me send it back to you in the studio”

Source: Tim Lynn on Facebook