The LAPD has instructed all of the department’s officers to be in uniform and prepared to be deployed in the days leading up to the presidential inauguration scheduled for next week.

An LAPD spokesperson confirmed to CBSLA a report Thursday from the New York Times which stated that while there was no specific threat to the city, LAPD Chief Michel Moore has told officers – nearly 10,000 in total – to be “ready to be deployed at a moment’s notice” as early as Monday.

Hours after the report, California Gov. Gavin Newsom authorized the deployment of 1,000 California National Guard personnel to protect critical infrastructure, including the State Capitol and other sites “In light of the potential for civil unrest in California surrounding the inauguration of President-Elect Joe Biden.”

Among those steps, the California Highway Patrol and Department of General Services have installed a six-foot chain link fence around the perimeter of the State Capitol to ensure the safety of the Capitol grounds.

“In light of events in our nation’s capital last week, California is taking important steps to protect public safety at the State Capitol, and across the state,” said Newsom. “Our State Operations Center is actively working with federal, state and local law enforcement partners in assessing threats and sharing intelligence and information to ensure those disgraceful actions are not repeated here.”

Source: CBSLA