Interoperability Wheel

I’ve been listening to a relatively new system a bit for the past several months:

This is the California Regional Interoperable System (CRIS).  I suppose this is the approximate *statewide* equivalent of the many individual *regional* interoperability systems (such as LA RICS).  As I recall, LA RICS will eventually morph into FirstNet.  Perhaps CRIS will evolve similarly.

I’ve noticed that the State techs appear to have been building out the system from the North to the South.  From the sites licensed it appears to cover mostly I-5 and I-101 and other major thoroughfares.  There is one talkgroup listed on RadioReference: a CLEMARS Gold patch.  I haven’t heard that talkgroup per se but I’ve heard a couple of other talkgroups of radio technicians doing testing.  I’ve submitted the two talkgroups to RadioReference but they haven’t been posted (yet, or ever).

It’s possible that more talkgroups will be used for patches and related tasks, especially for units that need statewide voice capability.  And, my guess is that user voice will be encrypted (sigh).  We’ll see.

Its main CalOES web page is at:

Some SCMA members may be interested in the documents and links posted near the bottom of that page (this has been discussed in at least one prior SCMA in-person meeting).

A presentation to CalOES about CRIS from just over a year ago is here:

Also, I notice that CalOES is offering this CRIS system to other state agencies on a cost-recovery basis.  It’s a bit less $30/month per subscriber radio in the system.

Some information about CRIS and related systems is discussed at the CalSIEC meetings.  Here is, for example, the January 2021 minutes: