GRE PSR-800A post on the forums indicates that all manufacturing of GRE scanners has been shut down.  GRE employees in Japan and the U.S. have been let go.  This means that distributors and dealers are no longer going to receive any stock or product, including Radio Shack.

GRE America is still up and running and will continue to provide warranty, technical support, and service for the next few years with it’s staff in California. Additionally, GRE America will support the database updates to their EZ-Scan scanner lineup. They will also continue to distribute Alinco products.

As many of you know, GRE manufactures scanners branded under the Radio Shack name, so it appears that the end of Radio Shack scanners is also at hand unless they develop a manufacturing/branding deal with Uniden.

A lot is still up in the air but other posters on the forum have confirmed the information with people at the GRE office in Belmont.  No “official” word has been seen from GRE or Radio Shack – yet.  But it appears that Uniden may have the scanner market to itself.

And the PSR-900 we featured in our last newsletter won’t be happening.

Here’s the text of the post by site owner Lindsay Blanton:

GRE US Personnel Attempt Restart of GRE Business. Same Customer Service, Warranty and Repair Remains

By Wayne Wilson, former Executive VP GRE

Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012

FORT WORTH, Texas, Oct. 16, 2012 – In early October, all US GRE Sales and Development team were advised by GRE-Japan that scanner manufacturing was shut down; nearly all GRE personnel in Asia and USA were dismissed. Since that time, the US Team has been working to rebuild the company and get back into production.

Personnel remain at the US office in Belmont, CA, 650-591-1400, charged with the responsibility to sell off all remaining scanner inventory and continue scanner customer service and repair, including warranty repair. It is intended that this office will remain open even once scanner inventory is depleted; this office also distributes the Alinco Amateur Radio product line.

Wayne Wilson, former VP, said, “We know the rumors are out there about GRE and the recent release of a free P25-Phase II (TDMA) firmware update for our PSR-800 last Friday, Oct 12th caused more confusion as scanner advocates asked themselves if GRE was still here or really gone? We were told gone, but we have launched a heroic effort to obtain rights to continue the same products as well as develop new scanners – essentially pick up where it was dropped.”

GRE thanks our loyal customers and dealers for past business, and probably under a new brand name, the US team will re-introduce this fine line of scanners sometime soon.

EDIT From blantonl: My emphasis was added above to emphasize that Wayne Wilson is a former GRE employee and not speaking officially on behalf of GRE Inc. __________________
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You can follow the thread of the announcement here.  Warning: it has wandered far and wide and goes on with uniformed opinions and guesses for many pages.