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On September 8th AOR released details regarding a new multi-mode digital communications receiver. The AR-DV1 is described as a standalone SDR reciever, which does not need to be hooked up to a computer to operate.

This radio will decode the following digital emission modes:

DMR (MotoTrbo), dPMR (European version of FRS/GMRS), D-Star (Icom’s Amateur Radio Digital Mode), APCO P25, NXDN (NextEdge), Yeasu Digital, Alinco Digital and AOR G4GUO (which is used in the ARD-9000/9800)

A prototype of the AR-DV1 has been presented for the first time at the HAMFAIR in Tokyo on Aug. 23rd and 24th, which attracted a lot of attention from the visitors.

This is BIG news for the scanner enthusiast! What do you think? Will you buy one? Share your thoughts in the comment section.