From an KABC online article:

PALMS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) — Los Angeles police were investigating three separate crime scenes Thursday after multiple shootings in the Palms neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The shootings began at about 3 p.m. at a park at Woodbine Street and Mentone Avenue. Two people were shot, including one who died. The second victim was taken to a hospital.

The second shooting occurred about a block away at Regent Street and Clarington Avenue. One victim was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Several blocks away at a 7-Eleven at National Place and Overland Avenue, two other victims were found. One of the victims may have been stabbed.

Soon after, Los Angeles police citywide was placed on tactical alert. By 6:45 p.m., only the LAPD West Bureau remained on tactical alert.

Police believe it was all one related series of events. The suspect remained at large. No description was immediately available.

Neighboring Palms Elementary School was briefly placed on a lockdown that was later lifted.

SCMA member Manny Martinez, KA6VJI, LA-195 was so close to the location of the shooting that he was able to hear the gunshots.

“I first grabbed my handheld radio, scanner and camera. I looked out the window to make sure police were present and that it was safe to proceed. I went outside and began snapping off as many pictures as I could, because I knew this was going to be big news. I wanted my friends and fellow club members to see what was happening.” said Manny.

“I heard a second call go out of an additional shooting. I was able to capture a female officer running toward her patrol car, which I was standing next to.” said Manny.

When asked what image stood out the most, he said  “The picture of the DB (dead body). I was able to get the picture I wanted to capture. It was hard for me to believe that there was a person, dead in the street, laying there and people were in the background playing basketball. I was able to capture the whole feeling of what was happening. Just like another day at the park. They didn’t even stop playing basketball. That picture stands out to me.”

Manny told me that there was a lot of radio traffic. Units were on LAPD Pacific Base and Simplex. There was a lot of initial confusion.

Manny’s photos were featured on the NBC 4 website. Below are his photos (click to enlarge).


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11136715_976190055738060_5244511999442271432_n 11152329_976189959071403_9148961140039737475_n
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If you are ever in a similar situation, please be sure to do exactly what Manny did. He made sure that it was safe for him to be near the scene and that his presence would not impact the job of the first responders.