Thanks to Gene Stubbe, LA-137, SCMA Members are getting together and chatting every week using the virtual meeting app Discord.

Due to the “stay at home” orders and the ban on social gathering, we are not able to hold in-person meetings for the foreseeable future. So Gene took it upon himself to do something to bring the club members together.

Using the virtual meeting app Discord, Gene set up a server where we can all connect and chat about the state of the world (at least the world of scanning) and enjoy the social camaraderie we have been missing. So far, we’ve just been using voice chat and text, although it is possible to use video if anyone is so brave to do so.

Discord is a free VoIP application and runs on Windows, macOS, Android, ios, Linux, and in web browsers. It was designed for video gaming communities that specialize in text, image, audio, and video communication between users in a chat channel.

Other members have suggested using the Zoom app, but Discord is working fine and is easy to set up on your computer, notebook, or smartphone.

To join the SCMA Group on Discord you will need to be on the SCMA Email Yahoo Group email list to receive an invitation link. We are doing this to keep the group private and prevent people from “bombing” the chat with spam. If you are not receiving SCMA emails, you can request to join the email list at THIS LINK.

Join the fun every Wednesday night at 7:00 PM. We look forward to hearing from you.