By David Akins, N6HHR, SCMA ORC-209

Morro Bay is a beach town in San Luis Obispo County, about 250 miles northwest of Long Beach. It’s best known for Morro Rock, a 576-foot volcanic plug situated in the middle of the bay, sometimes called “California’s Pet Rock.” Morro Rock is one of the Nine Sisters – all volcanic plugs formed after the cessation of volcanic activity in SLO County about a bajillion years ago. Home to 10,560 residents, Morro Bay thrives on tourism in a very temperate climate. The high temperature rarely exceeds 72 degrees F at the peak of summer.

Amateur Radio

There are several 2 meter and 70cm repeaters serving Morro Bay and other nearby communities. Start with 145.670, located on nearby Tassajera Peak (el. 2,750 ft). This one is designated as the primary repeater for SLO County, and many of the local hams gather here. Also try 146.860 in Los Osos (the next town over from Morro Bay), and the 444.100 multi-site simulcast system covering all of Slo County, All of these are easily reachable with a handheld radio anywhere in Morro Bay.

145.670 –127.3Tassajera Peak – Primary for SLO
146.860 –127.3Los Osos
444.100 +127.3Countywide voting/simulcast
443,500 +162.2CARLA lined system (statewide)

Public Safety

SLO COunty still uses analog FM VHF and UHF radio for most public safety applications. Here are a few frequencies to scan:

Morro Bay PolicePolice Dispatch (Green)460.075
Police Tactical460.625
Morro Bay FireFire County Dispatch154.385
Fire Command154.130
Fire Tac155.790
SLO SheriffDispatch (Blue)460.150
Ch 2 (Yellow)460.475
Tactical (Gray)
Emergency (Red)460.050
CHP White Rebroadcast (Copper)460.550
Search and Rescue155.160
SLO Emergency Medical ServicesAmbulance Dispatch463.000
State ParksRangers and Lifeguards855.7125

Marine Radio

Morro Bay is home port to numerous pleasure craft, a fleet of commercial fishing vessels, and a small Coast Guard station. Maritime-related radio traffic can be heard on VHF marine channels 9, 12, 16, 22A, 68, and 72.

Marine Ch 9156.450Marina Operations
Marine Ch 12156.600Port Operations
Marine Ch 16156.800Calling and Distress
Marine Ch 22A157.100Coast Guard Public
Marine Ch 68156.425Vessel-to-Vessel
Marine Ch 72156.625Vessel-to-Vessel

Broadcast Radio

Two AM broadcast stations provide primary service to Morro Bay:

  • KVEC 920kHz News and Talk
  • KKJL 1400 kHZ Adult Standards

Several other AM stations can be tuned-in from the San Luis Obispo area.

At least a dozen FM broadcast stations can be heard in Morro Bay, representing all types of programming. Tune the band to find your favorites.

Visit Morro Bay for the relaxed easy feel of a coastal tourist town. Walk the marina district, dine at any of dozens of places, gaze at Morro Rock, and make an e-a-s-y few days of your stay. And, of course, bring your radio!

Source: David Akins, N6HHR, ORC-209