Encinitas Fire DepartmentThe Department of Homeland Security awarded the Encinitas Fire Department the Assistance to Firefighters Grant in the amount of $126,709 to purchase 44 portable, mobile and base station radios.

Receiving this grant enables the department to upgrade current communications equipment to meet the standards of Project 25.

San Diego and Imperial Counties are preparing to replace the current Regional Communications System (RCS) with a new Project 25 network by 2013.  New XTS 5000 radios will replace the XTS 3000 radios currently used by some personnel and will allow our firefighters to communicate on both the existing RCS and P25 networks.   Radios are essential to the firefighters’ communication system as they enable firefighters to communicate with other fire, law enforcement, emergency medical services, hospital, and public service agencies.

Receiving this grant under the AFG program makes it possible for the Encinitas Fire Department to retire aged communication equipment and allows firefighters to safely protect life and property.  Furthermore, this grant has regional benefits as reflected in frequency which Encinitas provides assistance to other fire departments, including Solana Beach, Del Mar, and Carlsbad.

Source: https://thecoastnews.com/