GRE2 Scanner?From the Radio Reference web site:

Whistler, the makers behind numerous radar detectors and other electronic products, has acquired GRE’s technical assets and plans to produce scanners for Radio Shack.

Whistler Group | High Performance Radar Detectors and Electronics

The following models will be manufactured for Radio Shack by Whistler:

  • PRO-652 – identical to the previous PRO-197 model. Digital trunking full coverage base scanner
  • PRO-651 – identical to the previous PRO-106 model. Digital trunking full coverage handheld scanner
  • PRO-650 – identical to the previous PRO-405 model. Analog base scanner, 25-512 MHz only
  • PRO-649 – identical to the previous PRO-404 model. Analog handheld scanner, 25-512 MHz only

No words yet on backwards compatibility with the previous models with regards to programming, software, etc.

Also, we’ve received no details on the status of the PSR-800/PSR-900 series radios that came pre-programmed with the RR database and support for Project 25 Phase II systems.

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